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My name is Jeff Sauber. I’m an Ericksonian Hypnotist certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy, and an NLP master practitioner. I practice in Manhattan. I am one of the co-organizers of the New York Hypnosis, NLP and Coaching Group which meets twice a month to practice and share techniques. We also give monthly “mini-seminars” (for more info on that, go to the contacts page for the link/ web address).

Formerly, I worked in the world of big-agency advertising for about 15 years as a studio manager, graphic designer, and artist.

I have fenced for many years and even competed up to the early 90s, where I attained a modest ranking. At one point in my fencing career I began to come in consistently in second place in every competition I was in. Very good, but not quite good enough! It made me curious about success-enhancing practices like hypnosis. No doubt, if I had access to it back then, I could have been a champion!

I have recently completed my first book on meditation techniques, called “Everybody’s Meditation Book” which is available here and through Amazon.

If you have more specific questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me!
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