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Does hypnosis really help end cigarette smoking? For over 50 years the answer has been an overwhelming YES. And it does so without dangerous and expensive drugs, pills or patches, without cravings or the difficulties of other methods of quitting. You probably know someone who quit using hypnosis and never smoked again. It’s a common story. At the same time, you may know someone who tried hypnosis and it didn’t work for them. That’s because you have to have the RIGHT hypnotist using sessions especially tailored to your needs.
Artists and performers have it rough. You know the pleasure you feel when it’s all working right, but you also know about the other side of the coin: the frustration! How do you maintain your flow of creativity, motivation, and drive so you have it when you need it? What can you do to get going when you’re blocked? Would you like to have more consistency, or surprise in your work? Wouldn’t it be great to have the drive and discipline to act on your feelings? Hypnosis & NLP work with the subconscious mind, the same part of the mind where inspiration and motivation come from.
Weight problems, athletic goals and body image issues are so closely tied to our inner feelings that it’s hard to get a lasting change if those feelings aren’t addressed. Anyone who’s ever dieted knows this--even when the diet works perfectly, once it’s finished, the weight gradually comes back. You can’t change your body image permanently with will-power alone, it almost never sticks. Hypnosis can be an excellent way to resolve the things that can get in the way of your goals, as well as helping to define and propel your goals. Many professional athletes, including wrestlers, boxers, weight lifters, and marathon runners have made incredible gains with the help of hypnotic training!  
Social confidence, professional confidence, dating confidence... Think of the people you know who have the kind of confidence you want. Are they physically any different than anyone else? Chances are, they aren’t. It’s all a function of the mind. And while some of us are taller and others shorter, we all have the same powers of the mind, and the kind of confidence we want is really always in our grasp. In magazines and the popular media, they tell you that confidence is a thing you either have or don’t have, like an overcoat you put on, but in fact, confidence is more an issue of letting go of the things that are stopping you, things that you may not even be aware of. Don’t let those things stop you a moment longer!
Seems like we all have bad habits. Some are big ones others are small ones. Some of them are so subtle we’re hardly aware of them, and others are obvious to everyone. We don’t do these things deliberately, rather these things come from our unconscious mind. To change your habits it’s important to address not only the habit itself but the feelings or ideas that generate them, otherwise the things that generate them simply express themselves as a different habit.
Maybe you just have a lumpy pillow. However, it it’s anything more than that, perhaps the stresses from your daily life, unresolved issues, or those other things that want your attention when you need to get some rest, hypnosis & NLP can be a great way to resolve these things so you can function at your best.
It isn’t easy being a student. Every instructor feels that his class is the only one that matters, but you have to give equal attention to all of them. You have to be able to absorb, understand and feed back the things you learn. And even when you have accomplished that, you have to be able to succeed at the tests. There are a lot of different issues at work here: study habits, memory retention, focus, stress, and test anxiety. Not only do the services I offer help you to achieve a way of working that’s just right for you, but the deeply relaxing quality of the hypnotic trance can help your mind function more efficiently. Some people have even reported finding their reading speed increasing after several hypnotic sessions.  
Sometimes you just can’t put your finger on what’s bothering you. It could be just have a vague uneasiness, or a “feeling.” There are specific trance and NLP techniques we can use to clarify and discover those things that we just can’t quite seem to define. Once we’ve got to the root of the problem, It’s usually a much easier matter to know where to go next.
In half an hour at a spa, you’ll barely have the time to change out of your clothes and get started, in a half-hour of hypno-spa treatment, you’ll come away feeling like you were there all day, and do it without the costume changes, oils, soap or mud, or brutal grinding on your bones of some cruel masseur’s plier-like fingers. The trance experience by itself is like a great massage from the inside out! And really, isn’t a spa treatment all about getting to that feeling of inner peace and relaxation?
Hypnosis is great for getting in touch and exploring your inner mind, decision-making, increased creativity, even past-life regressions. If you have a particular goal in mind, let’s discuss it.

If you have more specific questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me!

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